Sunday, November 11, 2012


Given my science illustration hobby, attention to detail is really important in my art. That can lead to funny diversions in my Heroclix maps.

On my current map project, the Iceberg Lounge, I've gotten to one of my favourite areas of the lounge from comic's continuity. The lounge's gift shop. During Paul Dinni's run on Detective Comics the Penguin and Riddler discuss their recent reform, and how they've both making a dishonest living off honest livings. The Penguin points out the criminal rates he can sell Lounge T-Shirt for a horrendous mark up.

Not only do I love this bit, but it tells me there is a definite shirt vending locality in the Iceberg Lounge. However what else could a merchandise store sell that would be interesting from a map point of view?

Easy! Stuffed Penguins!

In addition to a normal Penguin, I thought a second variant of the Penguin dressed up as the Batman would be funny on a few fronts.

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