How I make my maps

All of my Heroclix maps are constructed and rendered in a 3D program called Carrara. I do supplementary and support graphics work within Corel Paintshop Pro, but this is mostly to create textures for my 3D map models.

My maps are totally 3 dimensional, and everything you see in them is a sculpted virtual object. Meaning my maps can be viewed from "within" the map space to give you some what of an impression of what a character would see within them (granted I don't waste time on details that are not visible from the eagle eye camera angle of a map, such as walls and doors, but the potential is there).

Wireframe view of the Shipping Yard.

Mesh view of the Shipping Yard. This shows you the basic model constructs with no textures or lighting.

Final version of the Shipping Yard, but from an angled view. As I have no use for this scene beyond the eagle eye view of the map I don't waste time constructing the area outside of the map (though the potential exists should anyone come up with a reason for it). You'll also note the map lines as objects at the top of the render.

Inside the Shipping Yard from a figure's hypothetical point of view. Again the details from this angle are minimum, but I could add them should someone think of a reason for them.
View of my Penguin club map from within the model, rather than straight down as is usual in a map.

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  1. i have sample maps that i would like to have done...they're in jpeg format
    would you be able to help me?