Trade for Maps

All my maps are up for trade!!! 

Due to life circumstances and a general lack of demand (I can't compete with WK) I have given up and pretense of becoming a map mogul. I therefore, can not and will not be able to offer physical printed copies of these maps. However I would still love to see these get out there. So I am offering them for trade as super high quality printable files.

I'm not greedy, as again I'm making you print these. The rough breakdown is 1 map for:2-3 commons or 1 uncommon, 2-3 maps for 1 Rare, 4-7 maps for a super-rare or LE. I'm pretty flexible on these, so fire me an offer if you think your figure(s) is worth more than I've outlined here, and we can negotiate from there 

FYI I live in Hong Kong these days. Just so you know about this shipping situation in advance.

Given I am passing the printing burden on to you, I fully allow any use of the printed physical maps you create with these files. You can feel free to trade, sell, or give away prints of these maps as you choose (I just humbly ask you hire me on should you figure out how to make a fortune with them :P).

I do ask (I can't force you of course) to not give, trade, or sell the files themselves, as they are how I make a very modest and meager return on my mapping effort. Should I find people are undercutting this, I may be forced to go back into the thankless world of scientific illustration :P

Here is my want list of clix. Send me what you think is a reasonable offer (with the maps you want listed) to

Want list:

Superman/Wonder Woman

•004 Parademon (multiples)
•008 Soldier (multiples)
•022 Mermaid (multiples)
•026 Clark Kent
•039 Doctor Psycho
•040 Silver Swan
•042 Lori Lemaris
•047 Lois Lane
•048 Lex Luthor
•053a Supergirl
•054 Atomic Skull

•061 Batman (Red Son) (One map commission!!! [plus a couple C/U's])
•063 Brainiac (Red Son) (One map commission!!!)

•G004 Solaris
•G006 War Wheel

Nick Fury and Agents of SHIELD

•002a S.H.I.E.L.D. Section Chief
•002b Maria Hill
•003a S.H.I.E.L.D. Elite Agent
•003b Sharon Carter
•004b Eric Koenig
•007a S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit (Multiples)
•007b Peggy Carter
•008a S.H.I.E.L.D. Paranormal Investigator (X2)
•008b Jimmy Woo
•28 Hive (Multiples)
•14a Hydra Recruit (Multiples)
•15a Hydra Infiltrator (Multiples)
•30b Hydra Section Chief (Multiples)
•46 Imperial Hydra (Multiples)
•54 Namor
•45 Viper
•64 Kang's Time Chair
•65 Thanos Throne

Age of Ultron OP

•102 Graviton
•103 High Evolutionary
•104 Kang the Conqueror

•15. Ultron Drone (Multiples)
•29. Ultron-8
014 Ultron Drone (Multiples)
30 Ultron-14
36 Jewel
•41. Ultron-5
42a Ultron-6
•49. M.O.D.A.M
•51. Ultron-1
52a Ultron Future)
•55. Ultron (Phalanx)
56a Ultron

Avengers Assemble

•057 The Hood

Avengers Age of Ultron Movie

•002 Iron Legion (multiples)
•018 Ultron Prime

Trinity War

•012 Parademon (multiples)


•53a Professor Zoom
•56 Gorilla Grodd

Guardians of the Galaxy

• 043 Sphinx
• 050 Proxima Midnight

Guardians of the Galaxy the Movie
• 003 Nova Corpsman (multiples)
• 004 Nova Corps Officer
• 014 Rhomann Dey
• 015 Korath the Pursuer

Days of Future Past
• Sprite
• Wolverine (past)
• Rachel Summers
• Destiny
• Blob

Captain American and the Winter Soldier
• #002 S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier (Multiples)
• #005 S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent (Multiples)
• #007 S.H.I.E.L.D. Commander (Multiples)
• #010 Brock Rumlow

Superman and the Legion of Superheroes
• #009 Blight (Multiples)
• #017B Cheetah 
• #039 Bizarro 

Avengers vs. Xmen
• #004 Spider-man
• #007 Black Panther

Invincible Iron Man
• 005 or 203: Hammer Industries Drone (Multiples)
• 021: Sasha Hammer (Multiples)
• 047: Titanium Man
• 049: Iron Monger

Fear Itself

• 106 Nul

Iron Man 3

• Extremis Brute #012 (Multiples) 

Man of Steel
• Soldier #008 (Multiples) 

Teen Titan
• Brother Blood Acolyte #010 (Multiples) 
• Gordanian #005 (Multiples) 
• Skitter #048 

Streets of Gotham
• David Cain #038 


• Booster Gold #052 

The Hobbit
• Galadriel 
• Saruman 

Giant Sized X-Men
• Sentinel Mark II #G01 
• Sentinel Mark V #G02 

Chaos War 
• Void #045 

• Imperiex #050 

• Humaniod (Multiples) 

Justice League "New 52"
• Enchantress 

Dark Knight Rises
• Arkham Asylum Inmate #004 (Multiples) 
• Commissioner Gordon #027 
• GCPD Officer #005 
• Rachel Dawes #018 

The Avengers
• SHIELD Enforcer 
• S.H.I.E.L.D. Commando #010
• Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #003
• Agent Coulson #206

Collateral Damage 
• H.I.V.E. Trooper REV (3 max) 
• Captain Marvel (Mary) #215 

DC 75th Anniversary
• Beast Boy (T-Rex Form) #055 (multiples)

• Prometheus 

• Blackhawks Vet 

• Hulk Ultimate #055 

Hammer of Thor 
• Ultron #049

Mutations & Monsters
• Cassandra Nova 
• Cuckoo (2 max) 

Secret Invasion
• Annihilus #056 

• Drone (Multiples) 
• Brutes 004 or 032 (multiples) 
• Grunt (multiples)
• Jackal (multiples)
• Master Chief (Shotgun) #034
• Prophet of Regret #041
• Tartarus (Fist of Rukt) #037

Star Trek 2
• 2nd Division Cruiser 15 #023 
• I.R.W. Valdore #029 
• Ni'var #008 

Star Trek
• I.K.S. Somraw 

Star Trek 3
• Bioship Alpha #018 and/or Bioship Beta #025
• Interceptor Eight #011 and/or Interceptor Five #003

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