About Me

Hey I'm Craig Dylke, and this is a just a little bit about me, in case you were wondering who the guy making the maps is.

I'm a Canadian born primary teacher who has been travelling the world for several years now with my lovely Australian wife. I currently reside and teach in Hong Kong.

While I've been known to dabble in comics, my main passion for superheroes comes from the Bruce Timm animated shows. Overall I prefer DC, but there aspects of the Marvel universe I do rather like (especially the Hulk).

I have been out of the proper Heroclix scene for a really long time now. Ever since leaving Canada in 2006 I have not managed to attend a proper Wizkid sanctioned event or tournament. That said I have managed to sneak in many games with my Clix playing friends, and I do still love the game. My eventual aspiration is to run a campaign/roleplaying series at some point when I can track down local players here in HK (and get my Clix collection sent over from Canada).

My Heroclix maps are a recent offshoot of my 3D art. My main interest in my art is doing scientific reconstructions of prehistoric creatures (Dinosaurs being among these). Many pieces of my palaeo-art have now been featured and displayed in museum's internationally.

I finally took at a crack at making my own maps as a way to try and get involved in the game again, in a productive manner. It also gives me a new venue to expand my 3D art skills.

Like stated elsewhere on the site, if you need to reach me just email fossil3d@gmail.com

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